Who ever thought they need a degree to survive... has not read;

How A Tiny Device From Aliexpress Plus Some 45 Minutes On a Sunday Evening Saved My Friend From Yahoo Yahoo... And Now Help Him Make Between N550k to N1.2m Monthly From Car Owners.

Funniest part is... desperate car owners now chase him around with N35,000 to N45,000 in their hands for a simple service that takes only 25 minutes.

No... I don't mean some big techy gadget; you need Havard degree to install.

Nor some dirty kind of stuff that brings you lower than your status.


Just a slim little tiny device ANYBODY with the right procedure can install discreetly in any car within 25 to 45 minutes... and smile away with N35,000 to N45,000 per installation.

No going under the car... you do everything even while on your snow white shirt, gallantly seated in the car seat... with the AC on.

...as you can see from the video below; (click play to watch the video)

Here's what the gadget looks like...

Amidst the growing security lapses... the tiny device works with any phone to totally put the minds of car owners at rest.

Just by sending mere secret codes via text messages from the car owner's phone... the device can retrieve the exact location of the car (street, city and country), and send it to owners phone.

Plus... it has the capacity of demobilizing (stopping) the car where ever it is on earth, and disabling the ignition system until the owner sends another code.

These are just few of the many features that made this amazing device a nightmare to car thieves... and a darling to car owners.

But funny enough...

...until Saturday, 23rd June 2017... nobody had thought about the possibility of ordinary people tapping from this hidden money spinner.

The few who knew about this wonderful device thought only the big players play in it... so they ignored the opportunity, leaving the few guys in it to rake all the cash.

I use to think in that line too until... 

An Ugly Abakaliki Boy... Opened My Eyes.

It was in 2013... 21st November to be precise.

I had just gotten a new car, and needed to add more security features to it.

First, I contacted a cousin who works with a top Insurance firm in Lekki Lagos.

"N150,000 for a year comprehensive insurance?" she said.

Well, I became courious as to what the huge amount covers.

She began to reel out lots of unnecessary benefits that come with the package.

Out of all the litany of the watery benefits, the only thing that made sense to me was that the company would secretly install a car tracker in the car, which only them would have control of.

So, in case there's a loss of the car, the company simply just demobilize the car where ever it is, track the location and go retrieve and return it to you.

That way, there wouldn't be any need to get you a new car since they're able to retrieve it.

The Igbo Sense in My Skull Came Alive... and led me into what turned out a cash spinning opportunity :)

"What if there's a way to get and install the tracker myself, would it do same job?" I querried with all seriousness... 

"Well, it definitely will.

But that's if you can get the tracker at the first place... or you're lucky to find a good company who can do it."

She stutteringly replied... like that bank marketer yet to complete his monthly target on the 28th of the month.

Well, impossibilities are for losers... so I got home that night, straight to Google I landed.

I found a couple of companies who render the service... the only problem was that they charge hell... around N55,000 to N85,000

Plus you have to continue paying them some yearly subscription fee of about N10,000... for doing nothing.

Well, I took my time, searched deeper and found one company based in Enugu who after much negotiations, agree to take N50,000 installation fee, plus N5,000 yearly unnecessary subscription fee.

I reached out and they immediately directed one of their installers in Lagos, an Abakaliki boy to come fix the tracker on my car.

The next day, he came around my office with the device.

I was busy... so I let him go fix it in my car downstairs, accompanied by one of our staffs.

15 minutes later, the lanky looking Abakaliki boy came up stairs.

"Any problem?" I asked in bewilderment.

"No sir... I am done" he replied.

He handed me the manual and within 3 minutes and half, put me through how it works. 

We tested it... by simply dialing the tracker number, and I was wowed by the result.

It gave the exact link to the location of the car.

...that link takes you straight to the exact street name and number of the location of the car... as you can see below:


Those are not even the sweetest reasons why every car owner is ready to pay anything to have this device on their cars... like Trumpville visa;

From your phone... you can simply send a text message and shut down the entire car system... from where ever it is on earth;

...whether in Cotonou, Trinidad, Tobago or Ajamgbadi - no starting, no moving an inch.

Nothing nothing until you authorize it to start again.

Then the curiosity set in... the CASHiosity actually :)

I took a closer look at the manual, and immediately thought about what I know how to do best... mini importation.

While I was discussing with the guy, I was thinking about the possibility of importing that same device, of course at a much cheaper price.

...the thought filtered through my mind while I was busy searching for the product on one of our darling import portals.

BOOM... I saw it... at a ridiculosly cheap price;

I giggled and only managed to ask;

"Wait... if I get this exact device, can you install it on any car... or there's something special your company configures in it?"

His response blew me away.

"Sir, if you get it;

...all I need is to buy a sim card and register it,

...put it on the device, then install it on the car"

Holy moses... I shouted in my mind.

Then asked...

"How much do you get paid by the company on every installation?"

"N7,000 sir" he replied.

Invariably, I can land the device for less N9,000... get a sim card for N100, then pay him N7,000 to install it?

...and by so doing, I would be saving over N34,000 the car tracking companies would have divorced from my balance.

Well, it didn't just end with those thoughts.

Subsequently, anytime myself and my friends needed a tracker installation service;

...I would simply buy the tracker myself, then pay him N10,000 (N3,000 more than what he gets from the company) and have him install it for me.

We continued in that manner until 2016. 

Along the line, he came closer and I exposed him to the rudiments of importing the trackers cheaply himself.

He resigned from the Enugu company that paid him peanuts, started his own mini car tracking company in Lagos;

...and since then has expanded into other security installation businesses.

Today, that hitherto "ugly Abakaliki boy" is now handsome; married to his yoruba fine babe;

...and living in his own 3 bedroom bungalow in Ibafo... near Berger Lagos.

All Thanks To These 2 Game Changers;

It didn't end there...

If you've been around me, or read from me... you'd agree that a rare profitable opportunity is one thing I don't joke with.

Reason being that... I've got almost 200k financial-success hungry folks always on my neck, always on the look out for opportunities they can pounce on.

Most of these folks have been with me for close to a decade, and have come to whole heartedly trust my judgement.

So, I began to imagine the degree of prayers and goodwill that will fall on me if I decide to open the eyes of people (from my close to 200k subscribers) to this UNTAPPED opportunity.

As much as I try to ignore, this thought kept re-occuring.

Then, an idea creeped into my head one Friday night... over a drink up with friends at Maximus Lounge & Bar, Adeniyi Jones Ikeja Lagos.

The idea was further confirm the profitability; of this car tracking thing;

...so I can be sure it is not some "one hit wonder" thing.

This would finally substanciate if it's something worth putting out to my larger students... since I don't joke with my reputation.

Well, this time, it didn't just help find an income stream for someone, but did something RELIGIOUS, by moving an Owerri based boy...

From Being a Hungry Always Broke Yahoo Yahoo Rat To Doing N500,000 - N1.2 Million Naira Monthly... LEGITLY!

Elo is his name...

Our friendship dates back to 2006 in Owerri.

Then, he had just passed out of his Electrical Engineering ND program from the Federal Polytechnic Nekede.

...and was doing his one year industrial at Dutchess Bar Okigwe road Owerri, my usual hang out spot.

We became so close... that he practically started living with me.

If not for my intervention, he never wanted to go back to school after his OND... no thanks to the wrong use of internet he engaged in.

I was largely instrumental to his going back to IMT Enugu to round up his HND.

After his HND and NYSC programs, he would occassionally visit me in Lagos.

In most of those visits, I tried to get him to learn my craft, but my guy's mind got fixated on the "ego mbute" trend (get rich today, die tomorrow) and the fake flashy lifestyles of the lots of yahoo boys in Owerri then.

Unfortunately for him, he engaged in the ungodly act for 3 years without "collecting" not even a Zimbabwean dollar.

At some point, he got tired of life... and confided in me he wanted to quit.

Happy news... that was.

I've known him to be someone who loves playing around with techy stuffs...

Those days, any time my TV develops fault, he would try to fix it himself.

So, I told him about the car tracking business... invited him to Lagos, had him stay at my place for 2 months... within which, I helped him negotiate over 50% discount for the car tracker installation training fee.

...which saw him paying only N45,000 as against the normal N120,000 my Ebonyi guy charges.

Impressively, Elo Sunk Himself Into it... And Went Berserk;

Putting in everything in him...and banking N20,000 - N30,000 Pure Profit On Each Installlation.

The training took the whole day, in the car park section of my office... on a sunny Sunday.

The 1.2 hours encounter launched Elo into another phase of money life... money with peace of mind... not yahooing innocent people who did him no wrong :)

All I did next was to open my laptop, show him how to create a page for the service, how to make a post and boost it.

That was all.


First day he ran the ad, he got 2 orders... 

All from a measly N1,000 ad spend.

He continued in that manner.

But couldn't believe it.

He has started to get a feel of the grand commander's touch.

...and felt it more, the day I spared 53 minutes to take him through the rudiments of SCALING.

Then, he was exposed on how to practically do nothing extra ordinary, yet move from getting just 2,3 orders daily... to having a consistent 5 or more people beg him daily to collect their money.

That exactly he did, and the rest became history.

Today, this same guy, who hopelessly came to Lagos last year with nothing; is comfortably leaving in a 2 bedroom apartment in Lagos... has renovated his father's dilapidating house in Isuochi Abia State;

...and set to marry his long time girlfriend, Nneka on the 28th of December, this year... in Asaba.


All thanks to...

Should It Just Be About Elo? 


Not when I have got close to 200k subscribers who are always looking out for ways to add more digits to their balance.

Anytime I open my email box, all I see are requests for profitable opportunities... people want something they can start that doesn't require huge capital.

So, after the solid validation with my boy Elo, and the fact that the end of the year is upon us... when car owners have more need to secure their cars than ever;

...and that means more easy money for the sharp guys right?

So, I thought there's no better time than now... to let a small fraction of my teaming subscribers get a taste of the same skill that changed my Abakaliki boy and Elo's lives.

I invited Elo over to my office and shared the idea with him showing some of my students his craft.

Instantly... (like 2Face's Amaka)

He disappointed me...

Outrightly, he opposed the idea.

He explained further that he currently enjoys the 'easyness' and high profitability... hence wouldn't want people to come scatter the market for him.

Well, I saw reasons with him.

But then, he was... and still my boy :)

At the same time, I've got tons of people looking up to me; who would bless and always rain prayers on me if I let them into this untapped money spinner.

At the end, I armtwisted him, and forced him to reach a deal with me;

... a deal that will not only create at least 50 millionaires before the end of the year, but will end up not sending Elo back to his bush village :)

And the deal is;

He agree to show ONLY 50 persons in my list his secrets;

... in a practical physical LIVE training tagged;

Car Tracking Profits Training
[CTP Training]

A One Day PRACTICAL Live Training.

Saturday, November 3rd, 2018. 

Venue: An Open Venue in Ikeja Lagos. 
(You get the venue details after you register)

Starting Time: 10.30 am prompt.

Registration for the tell-it-all, physical training for 50 persons will happen in 2 phases...

Early Bird Registration... for the first 25 persons; who pay a hugely discounted price of N24,999 only. Click here to register now!

Afterwards... the remaining not-so-lucky 25 other persons... pay N40,000 flat.

Now, if this training doesn't excite you. I wonder what will...

Who won't be happy learning a skill that can easily put 500k to 1.5m in their pockets monthly?

Especially a skill that takes just 45 minutes of their time...

So, it's obvious you must be excited at this point;

But I can bet that excitement won't be in anyway compared to what you feel when I show you how NEVER to leave a dime on the table from the very first day you start this business.

This very one idea is responsible for moving Elo from doing 500k to 1.2m monthly.

...and funny enough, it doesn't require any additional expenses.

What Exactly Did I Do For Him?


...I made him regret for leaving loads of money on the table.

Why make do with what the customer pays you for fixing tracker on their car... when you can get the same customer to happily give you a pure profit of extra 25k to 40k... with my gun in the head strategy.

...and that's aside from the profit you already made from the installation.

What did I do for Elo additionally?

I simply researched for another product car owners would die to have on the first sight.

Quickly, I found this:

This less than a dollar magical product does what the name says... Car scratch remover.

To land it at his doorstep, he spent less than N1,200 on each (product cost and shipping)

What he does is... whenever he's going for his car tracker installation service... he goes with this product too.

After installing the tracker... just when the car owner is testing it out, he spot a scratch on the car... and smartly demonstrate the miracle the additional product can do by simply trying it on the car.

That way, the marketing is done. No hassles. No long story!

He charges additional N10,000 for a bottle and N15,000 for 2... in most cases, people prefer to go for 2.

Up to 7 in every 10 persons he installs the tracker for would pounce on this extra product without looking back.

...and that averagely puts additional N15,000 into his pocket from just one installation.

Since he averages about 35 installations monthly...


From the installation alone, he does 35 x N25,000 = N875,000

Let's assume 70% of that number take up the additional product at say N15,000

That amounts to additional 24 x N15,000 = N360,000

Which brings it to a total profit of N1,235,000


Now, let's switch this to your table..

Imagine you are lazy, or don't like money so much... and only just manage to keep getting 1 installation daily (Elo currently gets between 1 to 3)

1 installation order daily... will amount to about 7 in a week.

In a month, that amounts... 28.

Let's assume you go home with a pure profit of N25,000 per installation...

28 installations will amount to N700,000

And that is just from the main installation alone.

Switch it up, by smartly bundling and offering 2 or more products from a "list of 5 carefully selected extra profit products"

Let's say you decide to offer the extra products at N20,000 bundle price... and 50% (worse case) of 28 customers take up the offer;

...that's 14 out of the 28;

At the end, you smile home with additional N280,000

And that further raises your profit margin to N980,000 pure profit!

...from ONLY 28 customers in a month (worst case scenario)

What would then happen to your financial story, by the time you start getting from 40 to 80 customers monthly?

Do the maths pls!

But don't stop at just doing the maths...

Such result is freaking possible... for YOU!

I have made it simplier.

The bulk of the hard work has been done for you.

I know how difficult it is to research, test and finally pick hot extra products.

So... I have decided to solve that wahala for you;

... by carefully researching, testing and coming up with a list of "5 Tested And RED Hot Complementary Products That Triples Your Profit Margin"

This list is one of the 2 AWESOME BONUSES I'll be giving out for FREE to any person serious about acquiring the Car Tracking Profit Business ideas... and running with it immediately.

Note that... these 2 bonuses are STRICTLY mine.

Has nothing to do with Elo, the trainer.

...and they're not going to be an all comers affair.

Not for every Titi, Dike and Hakeem.

But for the first 10 persons who register to attend the Car Tracking Profit Training on or before... 11.59PM on Tuesday, the 30th of October, 2018

If you are lucky to meet that deadline... here are the BONUSES you'll get:

BONUSES 1: My report on the "5 Tested And RED Hot Complementary Products That Triples Your Profit Margin"  (valued at N25,000)

This report is the difference between doing 700k monthly, and doing 1.5m from the same info you'll learn at the training.

Just one of the products did the magic for Elo... what about having access to 5 of such products. It saves you the trial and error, wasting money trying to test which product works and don't.

Register before the date above... and you automatically qualify to get this report FREE!


BONUSES 2: Customers From Facebook On Steroid ... valued at N20,000

What about showing you how to set up a client acquisition machine on Facebook;

... such that you go about your normal business, why Oga Mark of Facebook sends you loads of clients... till you are tired of making money :)

Well, if you're among the early bird, you get access to this course worth over N20,000 for FREE.

Yes, for free!

Oh... before I forget!

Your Satisfaction Is 100% Guaranteed Or Your Money Back!

If at the end of the training, you do not think you can take what you learn and make 10 times your investment, simply let me know and I will offer you my sincere apologies for wasting your time and then give you a FULL refund. I got a name to protect.

It shall never be said that Baba Muna ran away somebody’s money... Never!

No.. not now that I've got a wonderful family;- two awesome damsels and a virtuous wifey :)

With that said...

Feel free to register for the Car Tracker Profit Training via any of the options below;

You can register anytime of the day... even at 12.09 am

Bank Deposit, Internet/ATM Transfer/Mobile Money etc 

STEP 1: Make a deposit/transfer of N24,999 into;
Bank: Guaranty Trust Bank PLC (GTB)
Account Name: Netfame Marketing Services.
Account No: 011-513-8336

STEP 2: After payment, send an email (not text message), containing YOUR NAME, EMAIL ADDRESS, PHONE NUMBER and Date of payment to paid@cartrackingprofits.com

As soon as we confirm your payment, you'll hear from us within 3 hours.

SECURED ATM Card Payment

Works Anytime, Even At 12 Midnight. Secure Order Form - 100% Protected Safe & CBN Approved. You Get Access INSTANTLY. No Waiting Whatsoever!

Upon successful payment, you'll be redirected to the members area. No waiting whatsoever.

Note:- If you pay online right now... you'll be automatically and instantly redirected to the registration area, which look like this;

However, if you're still somewhat oldschoolie... and you choose the bank deposit or transfer option... No qualms... you will be manually sent the registration link within 7 minutes to 3 hours

Still On The Fence Even After Reading Till This Point?

...and you maybe probably thinking if this opportunity is right for you.

Well, if you think so, then...

=> Make sure you have a side effortless income stream right now... that is already bringing you N500,000 to 1.5m monthly;

=> Make sure you do not have a relative, friend or someone who bugs you for money... that you can just sow this training into their lives and have peace for yourself :)

=> Make sure you have all the end of year expenses sorted already.

=> Make sure you SINCERELY do not need money for anything.

And if at this point... you are yet to still secure your seat;

Well, I respect your decision;

But then remember that you are letting a huge once in a lifetime opportunity pass you by.


And there is a huge probability that you may miss out a spot at the "Car Tracking Profits Training" if you are yet to decide.

But I know you are smarter than letting such opportunity pass you by;

So, I look forward to you taking advantage of the early bird discounts... to register your spot... then finally seeing you at the venue of the training on November 3rd, 2018.

To your tracking cash;

Pat Ogidi & Fred Elo

P.S. In case you're one of those people (like me, sometimes) who just skip to the end of the letters like this, here's the deal:

I have armtwisted my boy, Elo who currently does 500k to 1.5m monthly helping car owners secure their cars.

I got him to come show you and 49 others of my subscribers his secrets, in a live training session in Lagos, on Saturday, 3rd November 2018; tagged: The Car Tracking Profit Training. 

Click HERE to Register 

Also, I am giving out 2 WICKED bonuses to the first 10 persons who register early.

Imagine, applying the secret in one of the bonuses... and making additional N250k to 500k from the same customers who already paid you for car tracker installation service.

To qualify for the bonuses, you must register on or before 11.59pm, on Tuesday 30th October 2018.


PSS: What if YOU just can't attend in person?

I'll be honest...

This training is somewhat technical and practical.

Not like the others you just sit and look at the screen. For this, you actually need to look into the car, take notes... even make videos, so you get all the gist.

Hence, it's very advisable you attend.

But if you insist you have a good case not to attend... yet don't want to miss out.

Well... go ahead and register for the event... at same price.

And thereafter, notify us you won't be attending in person.

Once we get this, we add you to a separate list "busy bees"

What we do is to record the event in HD video.... upload it online for you in a secret drive, and give you access to the link to watch/download.

Simple right?

So, register here now!

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