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INTRODUCING KMAX:The 100% Herbal Sex Tonic That Will
Help You Perform In Bed Like An Ancient
1,800+ Men Can't Be Wrong!​Since we launched KMax, we have received over 1,800 positive feedback from men who acknowledge the effectiveness of this herbal solution for maximum sexual performance
See What Real People Are Saying About KMax(​Pictures and full names not available due to privacy)

“I Call It My Sex Cocaine”Mr Williams, Enugu”​​I was introduced to kmax from a guy I get my supplements from. He gave me half a bottle and said I will ask for more. I didn't believe him. I kept it in my kitchen. 2 weeks later, I had ​the opportunity to use it.

On a normal day, I last for 3-5 minutes. This time, I did 2 rounds. First round was about 15 minutes. Second round was about 30 minutes or so. I don't know what they put into Kmax. I now call it my sex cocaine. I quickly ordered for​ 2 bottles. I gave one to my friend to try and ​it is working for him too.””Every Married Man Must Have a Bottle In His Secret Cupboard””I have been married for over 3 years now and I have never performed the way I did last night after taking KMax. Even my wife asked me if I took something – I told her I didn't take anything. I think every married man should have a bottle of this herbal drink in their secret cupboard. I am glad I took the risk to try it out after seeing your adverts online. I have ordered for 2 more bottles. I want to give my friend to try it out. Please ship it today.”

​- Mr ​Fadahunsi, ​Ikeja”My Wife Says I Should Stop Taking It””T​he biggest mistake you will ever make with this kmax is to think you are a strong man and take plenty. You go suffer ehn. Ask me. I took half a glass and I was having constant erections for 5 days straight. My wife says I should reduce or stop taking it because she can't handle my new sex drive and energy”

Mr. Abayomi
​Ikeja, Lagos

“I am Now Happier Than Ever”

“​Normally, I spend about N3000 a month on Jedi stuff. So, when I saw the price of Kmax, I wanted to try it to see what is special about it.

​Discovering Kmax is one of the best things I did in 2019. Let's just say I am now happier than ever.”

Mr. Ibrahim
Festac, Lagos

Kmax turns me into a wild sexual machine. Initially, I get a bit of headache after taking it. But then I started adding some water to it and the headache has stopped

Mr Bode/Ab​​​​​uja

​Whenever I use Kmax, I go to the toilet like 3 times in a day but I don't mind because it is working

​Mr Ifeanyi/Onitsha

​I spend about N30,000 from time to time on sexual drugs from doctors. But when I started using Kmax, I stopped using all of them and my wife has been hailing me

​Mr Sodiq/Lagos

​Are You Ready to Become a Bedroom Champion?

​Let Us Introduce You to KMax:KMax is an all natural sexual tonic that turns men of all ages into a champion in bed.

Regardless of what your sexual performance is at the moment, taking KMax will improve it by at least 10 times.

​By taking KMax frequently or some minutes before action time, KMax optimizes your body to function like that of a real man – and this helps you to perform consistently in bed like an ancient warrior

KMax Eliminates The Top 3 Sexual Performance Problems Men Face:
  • ​Premature Ejaculation: ​ When you begin to use KMax, you will no longer complain about quick ejaculation. That is because KMax gives you unusual bed stamina and strength to last longer in bed.
  • Weak or Inconsistent Erections: By using KMax, you will begin to experience robust, thick and hard erections – so strong they nearly tear your boxers. (Unless you have psychological sexual problems which Kmax can't help you with)
  • Low Sexual Energy: One of the common feedback we get from customers is how KMax gives them the raging desire & sexual stamina of a wild animal

“Too Strong For Me””​​I have been using kmax for 3 months now. After my first use, I realized that it was too strong for me. So, I started mixing it with half a cup of water. I now use a bottle for like 1 month”

​- Andrew, Ikoyi Lagos
“I Was Hiding Myself In the Office”The first time I saw Kmax with my colleague in the office, I t​old him these things ​don't work. I even took a little from the bottle. That day, I was hiding myself in the office because of the throbbing erection I was having. That is why I had to order it.

​- Mr Akintayo, Abuja

KMax Is Different:
  • Made From 100% Herbal Ingredients: ​ ​Unlike many of the products out there, KMax is produced using raw 100% herbal products sourced from the forest. The ingredients go through a purifying process before.
  • ​No Side Effects: KMax is safe to use. And when used under the right dosage KMax has no side effects​
  • ​It Actually Works: There are thousands of supplements and tonics in the marketplace that all promise to help with your sexual performance. Majority of these​ products do not work. KMax is one of the few products that actually works which is why our customers keep telling people about it.
More Testimonies From Real Users

​NOTE: Due to Rare Ingredients, Only 1000 bottles of Kmax ​Are Available Per Month
​Right now, we are only able to supply 1000 bottles of KMax in a month.
That is because KMax is made from 100% herbal ingredients sourced for in the forest – ​and we do not want to reduce this quality.
​Right now, we are only able to supply 1000 bottles of KMax in a month.
So, place your order right now before we run out of stock.

Here Is How to Get KMax!

You too can start using KMax starting from now to get rock-hard erections and perform consistently in bed like an ancient warrior
Like I said before, KMax is made from 100% herbal ingredients sourced for in the forest – and this is why KMax is not available in huge quantities on a monthly basis
Right now, we can only produce 1000 bottles per month – and it is on a first come, first served basis.
So, place your order right now before we run out of stock.
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NOTE: Your KMax shipment will be packed in a discreet little box for privacy purposes and shipped.
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Common Questions About KMax Answered!
QUESTION: Does KMax contain any drugs?
ANSWER: People always ask this question often based on the effectiveness of KMax. The truth is that KMax is produced from 100% herbal ingredients sourced from the forest (herbs, leaves, bark, shrubs etc)
QUESTION: Do I Have to Keep Taking KMax Or Is It a One Time Thing?
ANSWER: Taking KMax is not a one time thing. Just the same way eating food to get energy is not a one time thing. The good thing however is that depending on your body type and how sexually active you are, one bottle of KMax can last for as long as 2 months.
QUESTION: Is it bitter?
ANSWER: Yes, KMax is bitter but not very bitter such that you or anyone can't take it
QUESTION: What is the dosage?
ANSWER: KMax comes with a dosage leaflet that provides advice on how to take it
QUESTION: Does it have an overdose?
ANSWER: We recommend that you stay within the prescribed dosage. But from our experience, there has never been any issue with taking an overdose of KMax.
QUESTION: Are there certain people who can't use it?
ANSWER: Yes. KMax is not recommended for pregnant women, people with Kidney problems and people taking some serious medications
QUESTION: How long does it take for you to start seeing results?
ANSWER: It depends. If you take KMax for the short term effect, you can see results in as little as 10 minutes especially because it is in liquid form.
QUESTION: Can a diabetic patient use KMax?
ANSWER: A diabetic patient can use KMax if the person had no kidney related problems. In fact, KMax could help with lowering blood sugar levels in Diabetic patients. But we recommend that you get professional advice from your doctor first.
QUESTION: Is it not going to cause embarrassing erections?
ANSWER: KMax is optimized to put your body into super-man sexual mode and give you the kind of big and robust erections that makes sex. If you notice that KMax is making you have more erections that normal, we recommend that you reduce the amount you are taking. And try to not take KMax when you are going to be in public
QUESTION: Does it have alcohol?
ANSWER: Many people prefer KMax with alcohol to help take it easily. But if you want the non-alcoholic version of KMax, we can make this available to you
QUESTION: Does it cause runny stomach?
ANSWER: Sometimes, KMax could cause runny stomach if you take too much of it. That is because of its stomach cleaning effects
QUESTION: Is The Packaging Discreet?
ANSWER: Yes. Kmax is packed discreetly so that no one has an idea of what is inside the package. This way, you can quietly receive your KMax bottles, store them somewhere cool and use them to power up

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