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It Did Same For Me; A Chronic Stammerer... Helped Me Dump My Glasses After Wearing Them For Almost 5 Years With No Improvement.

Here's my story... and the eventual breakthrough!

And it's my GOAL that my ordeals and eventual breakthrough WILL help challenge you into dumping those discomforting eye glasses in 3 weeks from now... just like it has done for me, and other 47 others persons!

2012 was the year.

Three years before, I had worked as a web developer at a popular ICT firm in Adabraka area of Accra.

So, my good-paying job involved steady eye contact with the computer screen...

Even at home, I'd continue working on the computer or staring at my mobile phone's screen for a long time.

In fact, each day, I'd spend more time looking at the screen, than I spend on any other things.

Little did I know that I was headed for a journey that would cost me my happiness - my good eyesight!

It started as a normal blurry vision

Looking like it wasn't something serious.

But... making every objects appear out of focus and hazy.

I would wave it off as a temporary thing.

Then, the issue continued till it degenerated into something ALARMING.

I'd always waste all the work time, trying to draw closer to my PC to see smaller fonts clearly.

It started affecting my job seriously - to the point that everyone noticed, till it drew the attention of my no-nonsense boss.

Then it Cost Me My Job...

We had just resumed from Easter break;

...while others were smiling and hoping for a rejuvenated time,

I was greeted by a sack letter, plus an access password change of my work PC.

As expected, the sack bothers around my deteriorating eyesight.

Like every big organization, they could no longer 'manage' me.

... and I don't blame them.

Confused and devoid of any idea for a way forward, I made a decision never to apply for any job until I find a lasting solution to my problem.

Or better still, start something I can do and control on my own.

Then, An Eye Test Confirms it All

Happened at the prestigious Dr. Agarwal's Eye Hospital in Tesano, Accra.

I visited more clinics afterwards just to be sure exactly what was the problem.

All of the tests called it one name - myopia.

Not just the ordinary myopia, but the HIGH type.

According to the Doctors, my problem has some form of hereditary linkage... then worsened by the constant contact with computer screen.

I know... High myopia is a severe form of myopia in which the eyeball continues to grow and becomes very long from front to back.

It can increase the risk for retinal detachment, early development of cataracts, glaucoma and eventual blindness (God forbid!)


Left with no option, I had to succumb to the frustration-filled life of a medicated glass wearer. my age - just 25 then!

I remained in that helpless condition for the next 5 years;

... while coughing out thousands of cedis yearly for ongoing "bitter" medication and to renew the glasses.


A Solution Came Through Akwesi, My One-Legged Jehovah Witness Friend From Obuasie.

The story is quite UNUSUAL.

More like it's heavenly ordained.

Till date, still remains a miracle to the MANY doctors that once declared that my sight was headed for total blindness.

100% natural FDA approved product, made from this very ancient berries reported to be nearly one thousand years... and only found in the Lapin Maakunta Wilderness of Finland.

All thanks to my God and my Obuasi-born friend; Akwesi.

What he led me into helped me discard the discomforting glasses in just 2 weeks;

Don't argue that. You'll be wowed shortly.

...since then, over 47 other persons - both men and women of varying ages - have also benefited from this wonder solution.

The miracle behind this solution so baffled everyone, that they nicknamed it DYG "Dump Your Glasses"

After trying out over 12 different types of solution that didn't work, over a period of 5 years;

... I can confidently say that the DYG Solution is is the ultimate game changer.

However, the BIG question is;

Why isn't it all over the place?

Simple: Until now, the big pharmas have conspired with the authorities to suppress it, so they can continue selling their "snake oil" solutions that don't work... to YOU at exorbitant rates.

No wonder it can't be found in stores...

But, thank God that now, it's no longer for the elite alone, the greedy 1%.

Now every day folk like you and me are can access and see incredible results with this solution... if they're quick.

You want to see what this revolutionary game changer is... and probably benefit too?

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